Hadrian’s Villa and Tivoli

The other Friday we had our final course field trip, this time taking a bus out to Tivoli to explore Hadrian’s Villa and the beautiful gardens of Villa d’Este. We spent the morning wandering through Hadrian’s ‘villa’ (more like a small town if you ask me, but hey, maybe not to a rich Roman Emperor). There were some very impressive gardens, full of olive trees … Continue reading Hadrian’s Villa and Tivoli

Machinery and Marble: Centrale Montemartini

This week I revisited one of my favourite museums in Rome, Centrale Montemartini.  The museum itself houses some of the excess of the Capitolini collections, which are displayed among the remains of one of Rome’s only industrial factories.  The contrast between the ancient statues, friezes and mosaics contrasts pleasingly against the dormant, once powerful machinery. Only issues with photos from this museum trip was that … Continue reading Machinery and Marble: Centrale Montemartini

Limoncello in Sorrento, Lemons on Capri

This weekend I’ve ventured a bit further out of Rome with Peter, to stay overnight in Sorrento and then to spend the following day on the Isle of Capri.  We coined this the “early-thirties holiday” due to it being a) seemingly classy and b) much more expensive than your average weekend away (but it’s my birthday tomorrow, soooo it’s fine).  On route to Sorrento we … Continue reading Limoncello in Sorrento, Lemons on Capri

Ruins and Rain: Trip to Ostia Antica

Every Friday I’m lucky enough to have an on-site lecture, usually in Rome’s city centre. We tend to look at different monuments and parts of the city, sometimes there are presentations, generally the weather is sunny; its a very pleasant and rewarding experience for us as postgraduates. However, this week we ventured out to Ostia Antica, a harbour city of ancient Rome. After visiting Pompeii … Continue reading Ruins and Rain: Trip to Ostia Antica