Limoncello in Sorrento, Lemons on Capri

This weekend I’ve ventured a bit further out of Rome with Peter, to stay overnight in Sorrento and then to spend the following day on the Isle of Capri

We coined this the “early-thirties holiday” due to it being a) seemingly classy and b) much more expensive than your average weekend away (but it’s my birthday tomorrow, soooo it’s fine). 

On route to Sorrento we passed Pompeii again and Herculaneum too, unfortunately without enough chance to stop and explore the ancient ruins. Nevertheless, Vesuvius was visible from both Sorrento and Capri, looking ever more impressive out from the mainland. 

Sorrento itself was beautiful; the wind was crazy, but that didn’t deter from the varying blues that filled the sea and the green landscape mixed with the sun-baked housing on the hills of the shore. 




We even had some limoncello:


The next day we headed for Capri on a very rocky ferry; the seasickness was worth it though. We spent a couple of hours roaming up to the island summit, from which the views were stunning and sea breeze refreshing.  

The clearness of the day meant that I didn’t have much difficulty with taking photos that had a lot of expressive colours. I took many photos of flowers, lemons, Peter with lemons, goats, the sea….

Some of the many stairs that took us all the way to the top of the island. 


Scrumped a lemon, happy with lemon


A well deserved hot-choc at the top of the island



Really the only issue I had was being petrified of dropping my camera off the island cliff or it being blown out of my hands by the wind (ha). 

Since it’s off season too it felt like we had a lot of the paths and walkways to ourselves – the most company we found ourselves with was a Shetland pony and a piglet, who had struck up an unusual friendship on the side of the cliff, and were much contented with each other’s company (so adorable!).


We could have easily spent a couple of weeks on Capri, and I certainly want to go back to the area of the bay of Naples to do more exploring in the future.

Sunset on the train back to Naples

On a side note: I’m getting quite impatient now to see how my film photos are going to look when I get them developed. I’m definitely going to wait til I get home though to put that into action, as I’m not sure I trust any of the dodgy tourist Kodak shops I’ve seen round and about Rome’s city centre.. 


Hayley 🙂


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